HMRC Simplifications To The EUVAT Rules – A Help Or Just Plain Confusing?

Will the new HMRC EUVAT simplifications make a positive difference for you? Or are they a sticky plaster that could actually make things worse?

We worked with HMRC on this and explained to them, before Christmas, why these two simplifications weren’t actually much help for most businesses – and could make things worse. Here’s our view on the changes to the HMRC guidelines for MOSS simplifications from 8th January 2016:

Here’s Where To Find The New HMRC Guidance Catchy & memorable little URL, isn’t it? 😉

Here’s Where To Find Your Finance Minister’s Email Address

Please write to your Finance Minister to get them to present the case to the ECOFIN meeting, asking them to suspend the EU Digital VAT rules on a temporary basis, while the EU Commission proposes and passes the permanent threshold.

They DO have the power to do this. It’s just that it’s politically uncomfortable. But that’s not a good enough reason to close down thousands of micro businesses.

And let us know over at Facebook when you’ve done this! EUVAT Action On Facebook

Thank you!

x Clare & the EU VAT Action Team

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