Don’t Miss These

These resources will give you the facts on the new EU VAT legislation. This is your One Stop Shop for all the hard facts.

      EU Finance Ministers – email and Twitter accounts It’s equally crucial that your national Finance Ministry understands the damage being done to your country’s domestic digital economy by these new regulations.

    • The European Commission website on the new rules
      This website sets out all the EU legislation and requirements.
    • All the VAT rates applied in the EU
      Learn about the 75 VAT rates applied in all 28 Member States.
    • Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) guidance on the new rules
      Information on how the UK is implementing the new legislation.
  • Update from HMRC on modifications to UK implementation
    Changes made to UK implementation following public pressure.
  • Rachel Andrews’ collection of articles relating to EU VAT
    Useful depository of articles put together by Rachel Andrews.
  • PwC’s eBiz and eCommerce tax website
    The latest industry info on eCommerce tax worldwide.


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