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Latest HMRC Concessions
Will the new HMRC EUVAT simplifications make a positive difference for you? Or are they a sticky plaster that could actually make things worse? We worked with HMRC on this and explained to them, before Christmas, why these two simplifications weren’t actually much help for most businesses – and could make […]

HMRC Simplifications To The EUVAT Rules – A Help Or ...

It's time for your Finance Minister to show you the EUVAT support you deserve 1
Juliet and I had a really successful trip to Brussels last week. We have very strong assurances that the threshold we all need for the digital VAT mess – AND a ‘soft landing’ threshold above that – will be included in the EU Commission’s legislation, to be proposed late next […]

It’s Time For Your Finance Minister To Show You The ...

EU Commission Meetings on EU VAT this week
Juliet and I are off to Brussels this week, to meet with senior members of the EU Commission. Our meeting with David Gauke (UK Treasury Secretary) in September was successful, but everything the UK government is proposing is ‘tinkering around the edges’. The are not prepared to negotiate an easement […]

Don’t Let Your Government Leave It Too Late To Help ...

EU VAT Action Campaign: Thresholds
Our conversations with many officials and elected representatives about the EU’s new digital VAT regulations have one thing in common. As soon as we mention the word ‘threshold’, they react as if they’ve been stuck with a hatpin. Then they hastily tell us all the aspects of EU VAT thresholds […]

EU Digital VAT Thresholds and What We’re NOT Asking For.