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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Just announced by Pierre Moscovici of the European Commission: Threshold promised for #EUVAT €10k cross-border sales and the simplifications we asked for, for the first €100k.   Press Release Source: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-16-4010_en.htm Full Proposal: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/sites/taxation/files/com_2016_757_en.pdf More as soon as we have checked the fine print. Obviously, this still needs time […]

Pierre Moscovici Announces Proposed Threshold & Simplifications For EU VAT

A quick update while we wait for the EU Digital VAT legislation proposal, which is due by the end of this year: Got questions? Please make sure you come and join us at our super-helpful Facebook group: EU VAT Action Campaign Group And if you found this update helpful, please share […]

EUVAT Update: EU Digital VAT Legislation Proposal Due Soon

Latest HMRC Concessions
Will the new HMRC EUVAT simplifications make a positive difference for you? Or are they a sticky plaster that could actually make things worse? We worked with HMRC on this and explained to them, before Christmas, why these two simplifications weren’t actually much help for most businesses – and could make […]

HMRC Simplifications To The EUVAT Rules – A Help Or ...

Some really good news. David Gauke is the UK’s Treasury Secretary – a key decision-maker in the EU VAT mess / fix possibilities. We met with him in December, to tell him about the problems you have been facing, but had been unable to get another meeting with him since. […]

EUVAT Action: Meeting With David Gauke – Tuesday 22nd September

EU VAT Action Campaign Update 7
Hundreds of VATMOSS-registered businesses received letters demanding ridiculous EU VAT payments from the Irish Revenue over the past week. We’re talking demands for up to millions of Euros – only received by VATMOSS-registered businesses. The letters caused stress and confusion – and also huge worry that, if they were a […]

Irish VATMOSS ‘Scam’ Letters & Important EU VAT Action Campaign ...

VP Timmermans Promises Support
While we were in the European Parliament yesterday, following excellent meetings with over 130 MEPs, EU Commission Staff and industry leaders, we saw that some of them were already keeping their promises. Syed Kamall MEP and former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt MEP raised the EU VAT mess during debates yesterday […]

Vice President Timmermans Promises To Make Sure The Smallest Businesses ...

EU VAT Action Campaign: Thresholds
Our conversations with many officials and elected representatives about the EU’s new digital VAT regulations have one thing in common. As soon as we mention the word ‘threshold’, they react as if they’ve been stuck with a hatpin. Then they hastily tell us all the aspects of EU VAT thresholds […]

EU Digital VAT Thresholds and What We’re NOT Asking For.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) promotes policies to improve economic and social well-being around the world. It provides a forum for governments to work together and share experiences and seek solutions to common problems arising from economic, social and environmental change. They also look at issues like […]

Alert the OECD to the EU Digital VAT Catastrophe