Contact The Media

Did you know that most of the smallest businesses impacted by the new EU VAT laws don’t even know about it yet? And that most politicians and policy-makers think it’s all sorted and that there aren’t any problems? We need as much noise as we can get in the press – be it internet, print, radio or TV. Get yourself informed and then contact your local or national media, to tell your story.

The public doesn’t want to hear about VAT legislation. (Can you blame them? 😉 ) They want to hear about how it will impact real people – just like you. Be their champion and help change the world (ok – some tiny but hugely wide-reaching VAT law).

The whole subject can be really confusing, so check our FAQs to get clear on the basics and our accessible report on EU VAT’s impact on businesses. Please remember to tell the journalist about the campaign’s primary aims – and let them know how people can take action, such as signing the EU-wide petition, filling in the survey (businesses) and contacting their MP / MEPs.


  1. Check the FAQs
  2. Download the implementation report
  3. List the campaign aims
  4. Let people know how to take action


And let us know via the comments when your article or interview is live, so we can link to it from here! Thank you!