Contact Your Payment Processor / Reseller Platform

Did you know that, at the moment, a huge number of 3rd party resellers and even payment processors like PayPal, won’t be able to comply with the new rulings?

You need to get yourself informed and, you never know, you might be the first person to talk to them about it!

Time is running out for the 3rd party reseller platforms to comply (which they are legally required to do). And you urgently need to find out whether you can get the information you need from your payment processor, to allow you to comply by January 1st, if you’re selling through your own website.

Please bear in mind that some 3rd party reseller platforms are tiny groups of people who are as stressed about this as you – so firm compassion is more likely to produce results than raw aggression…

Here are some ideas for questions you could ask them:

  • Are they aware of their obligations under the new EU VAT legislation?
  • How, specifically, can they help you to comply with the regulations?
  • Will they be collecting and processing the VAT on your behalf?
  • If not, can they provide you with the required 3 pieces of information as proof of place of supply for your customer?
  • What, specifically, would you need to do (if anything) to download this data from them, to process for your EU VAT returns?
  • Do they have any advice for you on how to be compliant with EU-wide data protection laws?

Please let us know if you get helpful replies, via the comments.

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