Write To Your MP & MEP

It doesn’t matter if you have already written to your MP and been fobbed off.  We are now seeing signs that they ARE starting to listen and we need MASSIVE action – EACH and EVERY letter will help.

Please write directly to the member of your government’s Parliament who is responsible for implementing this legislation, copying it to your MP (or equivalent) and to all of your MEPs.

***** [Note: in the UK, this email needs to go to David Gauke, the Minister responsible for the Treasury. A very senior insider-source tells us (strictly off-the-record) that he is about the only person who can enforce a suspension of this legislation in the UK now. Email: gauked@parliament.uk and also public.enquiries@hm-treasury.gsi.gov.uk ] *****

Even if you don’t know who to contact in your government, please still DO write to your MP & MEPs. And please share this challenge with your friends and business forums.  Writing a letter (ok an email) has so much more impact than just a tweet or signing a petition – even though these are important. Your MP and MEP aren’t allowed to just ignore your letter – they’re there to represent you.

Just imagine if David Gauke and his peers were to wake up to an inbox with 1000+ messages tomorrow?!

Why aren’t they fighting this already?

Most MPs and MEPs still believe (or believed until recently) three main things about the new EU VAT rules:

  1. That they’re inevitable – because they’ve been in the pipeline for six years.
  2. That they have been so well reviewed that they will be easy to implement and cause only minor disruption – and that nearly all affected businesses have been consulted and are fully aware of the legislation.
  3. That most sole traders sell exclusively through 3rd party platforms who handle all the legal and tax side for them.

FACT: From what we are hearing, EU member states fundamentally missed the potentially devastating impact of the regulations on the smallest of businesses and sole traders, who don’t have the complex technical systems.

That’s why it’s essential that they get a clear picture of the negative impact that the new regulations will have on your business. This is especially important with your MEP because if we want to get concessions for the smallest businesses and for sole traders, these will need to be negotiated at an EU level.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

Help your government’s member of Parliament responsible for implementing this legislation, MP and MEPs to see the genuine human cost – and the financial cost – of you implementing these rules.

Here are some ideas for what you could put in your letters (in case you need inspiration):

  • What, specifically, will the negative impact of the EU VAT rules be on your business from January 1st?
  • What action are you having to take, to be able to keep trading (or let them know, if you can’t)?
  • Talk about the ‘untended consequences’ of the legislation – and the fact that the impact on the hundreds of thousands of smallest businesses wasn’t even considered (that’s official) because it was assumed that they all either sold through 3rd party platforms or only in their home country.WHAT WE NEED: An immediate suspension of the legislation for micro businesses and sole traders.

    Key Message:  This is no longer urgent. It’s now an emergency.

    Only 4% of the smallest businesses believe they can comply in time and 10% say they will have to stop trading completely, according to the initial results of our EU VAT impact research survey.

    Be persistent. MPs and MEPs are busier than we might think. They may also be taking action on your behalf but not telling you (that’s why it’s called ‘politics’). If you don’t hear back, re-send your letter. For some people it has taken up to four times, but we are all getting replies in the end.

Thank you so much for writing to your MPs and MEPs. Perhaps you could let us know, via the comments, when you get a reply?

Take more action now.

And To Prove That MEPs DO Care

Here’s where we’re collecting a ‘Hall Of Fame’ of MEPs who respond – and take action.

Dr Molly Scott Cato, MEP

Dr Molly Scott Cato, MEP
Call for government action on new VAT regulations threatening South West micro-businesses