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Latest HMRC Concessions
Will the new HMRC EUVAT simplifications make a positive difference for you? Or are they a sticky plaster that could actually make things worse? We worked with HMRC on this and explained to them, before Christmas, why these two simplifications weren’t actually much help for most businesses – and could make […]

HMRC Simplifications To The EUVAT Rules – A Help Or ...

2016 VATMOSS on physical goods: facts vs fiction 2
Is VATMOSS going to be extended to physical goods on January 1st 2016? Will it be applied to digital sales that have human intervention? There have been a lot of rumours going around recently and most of them are based on ‘what if’ scenarios, rather than hard data. Separate the […]

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EU Commission Meetings on EU VAT this week
Juliet and I are off to Brussels this week, to meet with senior members of the EU Commission. Our meeting with David Gauke (UK Treasury Secretary) in September was successful, but everything the UK government is proposing is ‘tinkering around the edges’. The are not prepared to negotiate an easement […]

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Some really good news. David Gauke is the UK’s Treasury Secretary – a key decision-maker in the EU VAT mess / fix possibilities. We met with him in December, to tell him about the problems you have been facing, but had been unable to get another meeting with him since. […]

EUVAT Action: Meeting With David Gauke – Tuesday 22nd September

EU VAT Action Update From Fiscalis
Thank you all so much for your support last week when I was at the Fiscalis Summit. Here is a summary of how it went and what our next steps are: In summary: there was widespread agreement that the implementation of the EU Digital VAT rules has hit the smallest […]

What Happened At The EU VAT Fiscalis Summit? #EUVAT #Fiscalis

EU VAT Action Campaign Update 7
Hundreds of VATMOSS-registered businesses received letters demanding ridiculous EU VAT payments from the Irish Revenue over the past week. We’re talking demands for up to millions of Euros – only received by VATMOSS-registered businesses. The letters caused stress and confusion – and also huge worry that, if they were a […]

Irish VATMOSS ‘Scam’ Letters & Important EU VAT Action Campaign ...

eu-vat-2015-05-18 1
Last night EU Commissioner VP Andrus Ansip made a formal statement in the Parliamentary debate about EU VAT. In it, he agreed that the consequences of this Digital VAT legislation are severe for small businesses and that the additional administration it brings is something they cannot manage. This is a huge […]

UK Call To Action: Get Your Business Association To Demand ...

Is it too little, too late on EU VAT? 8
We are hugely grateful to the MEPs who succeeded in scheduling this evening’s debate on EU VAT in the European Parliament. However, we are also  disappointed in the EU Commission’s official response from VP Andrus Ansip, who is responsible for the Digital Single Market (DSM) and who represented Pierre Moscovici […]

Too Little, Too Late? #EUVAT Offer From EU VP ...